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Cowboy Roofing began with Micheal Rountree and his dedication to serving his community. Rountree volunteered as a fireman for 8 years and has always put his family and his community first.  He founded Cowboy Roofing to give local home and business owners exceptional workmanship at an affordable price.

Rountree still serves his community through Cowboy Roofing, and his family-owned business remains client-focused and dedicated to producing the best results.

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About Cowboy Roofing

Micheal Rountree started Cowboy Roofing in 2005 with a vision: to serve his community and take the stress and high costs out of the roofing process. Since then, his small, family-owned roofing business has steadily grown and helped countless clients over the years.

Despite growing and changing as a company, we still operate with the same core values. We’re still dedicated to serving our community with quality roofing at affordable prices, and client satisfaction is still our top priority.

Whether you need residential or commercial roofing services, Cowboy Roofing is happy to help with thorough inspections, maintenance, and repairs. We happily accept any roofing job, big or small, so you can get the peace of mind you deserve with stress-free repairs. Call us today for more information and a free estimate!

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Cowboy Roofing offers a wide range of services beyond our roofing projects. We also work on windows, fencing, gutters, and other parts of your residential or commercial building. Our business is modeled to be flexible so we can meet more of our clients’ needs.

We’re equipped and ready to complete any construction process, remodel, solar screening, or other odd jobs you might ask of us. However, our main focus will always be on serving our community with stellar residential and commercial roofing.

Our business is steadily growing with the support of our clients, and we currently have multiple crews to meet client demands in a timely manner without sacrificing quality workmanship. No matter how much we grow, our clients will always be at the center of what we do.

You should always have access to reliable roofing services that give you peace of mind about your roof, which is why Cowboy Roofing works hard to eliminate barriers like high costs and insurance claims paperwork.

We understand how stressful it can be to deal with roofing problems, and the insurance process only adds to that stress. Cowboy Roofing has years of experience with insurance claims, and we use that experience to take care of the insurance process for you. From the time you file your claim to the end of the job, we’ll handle the entire process so you don’t have to deal with it.

As a part of our dedication to serving our community, we’re always going above and beyond to help our clients throughout the process of roof repairs, remodeling or replacement. If you need roofing services but don’t want to deal with the long, complex insurance process, call Cowboy Roofing for help!