Services - Insurance Claims

Cowboy Roofing has always operated with the goal of serving our community. We offer quality residential and commercial roofing services at reasonable prices, and client satisfaction is always our top priority. Many people are hesitant to get the roofing they need because of the overwhelming process of insurance claims. To further serve our community and clients, we take the stress out of your roofing problems by handling the entire insurance process from the time you file your claim. Our years of experience with the insurance process means we’re equipped to take care of the hassle for you.

Inspection and Quote

The first step of the insurance process is getting an inspection and a quote for your provider. Cowboy Roofing offers free thorough inspections with photographic evidence of any damage we find. Once the inspection is completed, we’ll give you a quote on the repairs you need. We value integrity and honesty towards our clients, and our quotes are always an accurate representation of the services we provide. Once you have the inspection results and your free quote, you can move on to the next step and file your insurance claim.

Filing Your Claim

If the quote we give is higher than your deductible, you’ll have to file an insurance claim. Filing your claim is easy, and it’s the last part of the process you’ll have to handle if you work with Cowboy Roofing. First, contact your insurance company to make sure they’ll cover the damage you’re dealing with. Then you can use the photos and quote you got from your inspection to file the insurance claim. Most companies will provide an insurance claim form for you to fill out, and you can attach pictures of the damage to this form before submitting it.

We’ll Handle the Rest

Once you’ve successfully filed an insurance claim, Cowboy Roofing will handle the rest. This usually includes meeting with an insurance adjuster at your house to go over the damage and repairs in person. When your claim has been approved, our crew will schedule an appointment to repair your roof. Our roof repairs are always sturdy and reliable, and we always treat the entire problem so you won’t have to get the same problem repaired again in the future. We can also perform regular inspections and maintenance so you can avoid more expensive repairs later on. We work hard to make the repair experience as stress-free as possible so you can go back to feeling safe and comfortable in your home.

Stress-Free Roof Repairs With Cowboy Roofing

Cowboy Roofing offers reliable repairs, inspections, maintenance, and replacements for residential and commercial roofs. Your satisfaction is always our top priority, so we eliminate the stress of roofing troubles by handling the insurance claims process for you after your claim is filed. Ever since our start in 2005, we’ve always aimed to serve our community with quality roofing services. We also offer fencing, gutter, and window services to help you feel more secure in your home. Call or visit our website for more information or a free quote on our services!