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unforseen damage from storm

Storm Damage

Ever since its start in 2005, Cowboy Roofing has been dedicated to serving the Fort Worth community with reliable, stress-free roofing services. Texas is prone to heavy storms that can cause serious damage to your roof, which is why we offer quick, reliable storm damage services for residential and commercial roofs.

If you suspect your roof has been damaged by a recent storm, call Cowboy Roofing for an inspection right away. Here are a few kinds of storm damage we’ll repair quickly and effectively.

storm damage 2
storm damage 3
wind damage on the roof
unforseen roof damage 2
hail damage


Even small pieces of hail can cause damage to your roof. Hail can crack and chip your shingles, cause dents, and weaken your roof, making it easier for cracks and leaks to form. Hail damage might not be as obvious as other kinds of storm damage, but it can weaken your roof over time. We recommend having an inspection done after every hail storm to check for damage, rather than trying to look for it on your own.

tree damage

Tree Limbs and Debris

Strong storms can blow debris and knock tree limbs down onto your roof. This debris could leave cracks, dents, weak spots, and leaks behind. Small debris can do as much damage as big pieces. If you see debris on your roof, or if you suspect any large objects have damaged it, call Cowboy Roofing for an inspection. We’ll be able to clean the debris off and assess the damage it caused. If we find damage, our team can repair it and restore your roof back to normal.

wind damage


Strong Texas wind can really damage your roof. It can blow debris and tree limbs down, blow away loose shingles or flashing, and wear your shingles down over time. Wind damage can occur during tornados, rain and hail storms, or during episodes of strong winds. Wind damage might be less obvious than other kinds of storm damage, but it should be addressed as soon as you suspect your roof has been damaged. Cowboy Roofing provides thorough inspections and repairs for all kinds of storm damage, including wind damage.

unforseen damage

Water Damage

Water damage can occur when weak spots in your roof get soaked, or as a result of many storms happening in a short period of time. In Texas, the spring storm season is when your roof is most susceptible to water damage. You can reduce your chances of water damage by having your roof inspected and maintenanced before the storm season hits, but it isn’t a guarantee. If you find signs of water damage, such as leaks, water stains, or a mildew smell, call Cowboy Roofing right away for quick, effective repairs.